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Something has died inside me – why do I feel like this? By Ana Ruiza

Ana Ruiza talks about the forebearer syndrome: what is it, what causes it and what are the specific personal characteristics of the people who have it which can help us identify them. ————————————INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA—————————— Mindalia.com and Mindalia TV are a NON-PROFIT NGO If you liked this video, SUPPORT US …

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Reincarnation and progress: another life another opportunity, by Manuel de Paz

Manuel de Paz introduces us to Reincarnation by explaining its basic principles. He reveals the many obstacles human beings encounter along this spiritual journey, as well as the ways in which we can overcome difficulties on the long arduous search for inner fulfilment and happiness. ————————————INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA—————————— Mindalia.com and …

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