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Giving birth without anaesthetic or pain, practical case by Doctor Escudero – Noesitherapy

Doctor Angel Escudero, is Spanish and has been based in Valencia for most of his professional career. He is a medical doctor and surgeon. He is the founder of a humanistic school within medicine, which he called “NOESITERAPIA” or “healing through thought”. Since 1972, he performs surgeries using psychological analgesia, …

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Yoghurt and the chaos of the immune system, by Adolfo Perez Agusti

In this brief talk Adolfo Perez Agusti starts by reviewing the most frequent autoimmune diseases – arthritic, rheumatoid -, to go on to present his hypothesis that dairy products, especially yoghurts, create chaos within the immune system, which has contributed to the proliferation of these illnesses. ————————————INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA—————————— Mindalia.com …

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Extraterrestrials and human farming: Enemies or allies? – An interview with Miguel Celades.

In this interview with Miguel Celades, he speaks of the different types of extraterrestrials that visit us and their differing intentions towards humankind. He also explains how some governments secretly negotiate with them in order to gain access to their technology. ————————————INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA—————————— Mindalia.com and Mindalia TV are a …

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Yoga: Life experience and inner alchemy, by Ramiro Calle

In this brief conference Ramiro Calle describes Yoga’s great powers of transformation. He speaks of Yoga as a tool, as an personal inner experience that allows the individual to transfigure the negative in positive, and lights the path to our true self, to true happiness. ————————————INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA—————————— Mindalia.com and …

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Cancer and epigenetics, by Juan Serrano

Juan Serrano introduces us to the concept of epigenetics and its implications for the study of cancer and its causes. He reveals how the large majority of cancers are caused by environmental factors as opposed to hereditary factors. ————————————INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA—————————— Mindalia.com and Mindalia TV are a NON-PROFIT NGO If …

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Tell me what you eat, and I’ll tell you how you feel, by Angela Fuertes

In this brief conference, Angela points out some of the questions we should be asking ourselves when we’re not feel well, physically or emotionally. These questions require us to reflect on our eating habits and biorhythms, but also on our emotional wellbeing and our personal circumstances. ————————————INFORMATION ABOUT MINDALIA—————————— Mindalia.com …

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